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Attractions In Lesotho


Situated between KZN and Lesotho the pass was built circa 1950 and remains a challenging drive in 4×4 vehicles with all the drama, scenery, bad weather and treacherous conditions expected of a pass with a summit altitude of 2876m ASL. Many visitors travel from abroad to tackle the notorious Sani Pass in hired 4×4’s. Such is its reputation. For most South African’s it remains more of a dream. The lower reaches of the pass has several hotels and a wide range of guest farms, B&B’s, lodges and other self-catering accommodation on offer.


Malealea Lodge is situated in a remote part of Western Lesotho that is breathtaking in its beauty. Scenery abounds and every season has unique attractions. This is a chance to experience traditional Basotho life. The rondavels and farmhouse bedrooms are all en suite. There are 3 communal bathroom for the Basotho huts. There are communal facilities for the guests in forest huts and the campers. Lesotho adventures start at Malealea. Explore the area around Malealea on day outings and overnight treks. There are many routes around Malealea that each lead to some place exciting.


The Katse Dam is situated on the Malibamatso River in the Kingdom of Lesotho. It is the highest dam in Africa. It is by far the most efficient storage dam in Africa due to its great depth and relatively small surface area, which reduces evaporation. A lodge, which can be used for an overnight stay, overlooks the dam and provides a well-deserved lunch, for the day-tripper. Make all the necessary arrangements and you will be on your way to a great and breath-taking adventure, to wonder, not only at what nature has to offer, in the form of spectacular scenery, but to be lost in admiration at what man can achieve.


The mighty Maletsunyane Falls is one of the highest single dropping Falls in Africa, creating a haze of smoke as the water plummets with savage splendour 186m down into a spectacular gorge. This is how Semonkong, The Place of Smoke, got its name. The Maletsunyane Abseil is the longest commercially operated single-drop abseil in the world, operated by Semonkong Lodge, Lesotho! The 4×4 trails are just about everything that an outdoors 4×4 driver could ask for, take a pack lunch from the lodge and disappear into the mountains on any one of the many 4×4 trails that the area has to offer.


Bokong Nature Reserve is one of the highest reserves in Africa. It lies at the top of the Mafika-Lisiu Pass, leading to Katse Dam and reaches an altitude of 3090m above sea level. There are some outstanding views across the highlands. However the reserves highlight is the Lepaqoa Waterfall, which freezes in winter to form a column of ice. You may see cattle posts (metebo) which are the ruins of interconnected cattle shelters and kraals for stock that were built from stone. The visitor’s centre is open and Camp sites are available.


Afriski is the only Ski and Mountain Estate in Africa. Afriski has accommodation and facilities available for those in need of a breakaway. Afri-ski is located in Lesotho in the heart of the Maluti-Drakensberg Transfrontier Park. With its range of accommodation Afri-ski can cater for any vacation, conference or wedding. Accommodation in the form of lodges, luxury chalets and even backpackers are available. Accommodation is only half the experience though, Afriski boasts a wide variety of winter and summer activities ranging from skiing in the winter to trout fishing in the summer.
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